The 2017 Top Choice Award Winners Are...

The B2B 2017 Top Choice Award Winners Are...

Are you a Top Choice Award Winner?

Learn more about how we notify winners and what the benefits of winning are.

What's the Catch?

At its core, Top Choice Awards is a research company. Our studies give consumers the power of choice and allow them to help their peers by providing honest information about the products and services they use every day. In the end, its about them. We are in the business of providing a resource to the public and promoting businesses that want to take advantage of their award-winning status.

You cannot buy your way into the top.

There are numerous benefits to winning the Top Choice Award and one is the privilege to participate in the Top Choice Awards promotion system. An optional system that helps winners make the most of their award.

Promotion System

The promotion system has multiple tiers to fit in with every winners' needs. In brief detail, some benefits of each tier include:

  • Admission to the annual awards gala
  • Advertising in Top Choice Magazine
  • Business tools
  • An enhanced listing in the online winner directory and much more.
Participation in these packages is completely optional and has no influence on who wins the award, this year, or for following years. Winners, regardless of participation, are revealed via a press release each year and are available at 

Are you a winner? Give us a call today to see how you can join us at our next annual Gala. Enjoy some highlights of last year's Gala and what the winners had to say below.

What do the Winners have to say? 

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