The 2017 Top Choice Award Winners Are...

The B2B 2017 Top Choice Award Winners Are...

Benefits of being a nominee.

Learn the benefits of being a Top Choice Award nominee.

Qualifying as an official nominee in the Top Choice Award Survey is an accomplishment in its own. With hundreds of businesses in your city and field of work striving to stand out as a leader in your industry by receiving/submitting nominations for the Top Choice Award Survey in hopes of qualifying, being classified as Top 3 is a coveted title. There are numerous benefits to qualifying as a Top Choice Award nominee, including:

  • 3 months of free online advertising by being listed on during the voting process, which is heavily promoted via our 75,000+ Twitter and Facebook audience
  • A free official nominee badge for your website 
  • A way to interact and engage with your clients, via sharing your official nominee status 
  • Social buzz when your voters share their vote on Facebook or Twitter
  • Eligibility to receive survey results, even if you aren't voted the winner

Note: Nominations do not affect voting scores and a person may nominate as many different nominees as they would like.


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