The 2017 Top Choice Award Winners Are...

The B2B 2017 Top Choice Award Winners Are...

What makes the Top Choice Award different from other business awards?

Here is what award nominees, award recipients and the general public have to say.

Award Recipient : “We love the fact of being the only winner in our city and category. Other surveying companies or award companies that identify local businesses also recognized our competition under the same category or recognized an aspect of their services taking away from the exclusivity of the award winning status.”

Award Nominee : “At any given time we can publicly expose our questions or concerns on their social media and receive a public reply to those questions or concerns. Also, the amount of publicity we receive during the public racing with our major competitors is already a victory and so exciting, no other awards offer that.”  

General Public : “When looking for a service or product in my city, I know there are so many websites offering lists of great business that I can choose from, however, looking through many options is time consuming. I am looking for one specific option and I need it to be the best in my city, the Top Choice Award winner directory offers just that.”

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