The 2017 Top Choice Award Winners Are...

The B2B 2017 Top Choice Award Winners Are...

Chiropractic Health Centre

Top Chiropractor of 2017 in Calgary

Rated 90 Overall Rating Details

2713 Centre Street Northwest, Calgary, Alberta T2E 2V5

We offer Chiropractic Care, Active Release Techniques ®, Graston Technique ®, and Massage Therapy as means for targeting popular pain (neck, back, joints, etc) and injuries caused from things like sports or accidents. Active Release Technique®, and Graston Technique® are performed in order to effectively treat scar tissue, tissue adhesions and trigger points. Active Isolated Stretching is also offered at our clinic for purposes of myofascial release (soft tissue therapy). Other services available include: Electrotherapy (IFC, Microcurrent), Shockwaver Therapy (RPW),Therapeutic Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation, Compression Stockings, and Custom Orthotics.

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