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How can your business qualify for the Top Choice Award?

Learn what it takes to qualify as a Top Choice Award nominee.

Once a business or professional has been nominated by the public within our survey, Top Choice Awards works diligently to ensure that they qualify to be an official nominee in order to enter the voting stage. The Qualification Process helps us ensure that only good-standing, reputable businesses are involved in the survey. In other words, we are here to verify that those who are nominated by the public are legitimate and worthy of such an award. 

Qualification Process

The following is a list of requirements that each business will need to fulfill in order to become an official TCA Nominee:

  • Each Nominee must be in business for a minimum of 2 years

  • Each Nominee must conduct fair business practices

  • Each Nominee should have an acceptable clean and neat exterior and interior image location - what a business portrays to their “walk in” customers is fairly important.

  • Each Nominee is in need of an acceptable online image - websites should be easy to understand and navigate while still maintaining a pleasant image.

  • Each Nominee must have online reviews, with a minimum of 75% positive online business reviews and a maximum of 25% negative online business reviews.

  • Each Nominee must have one or more acceptable social media outlet presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn)

  • Each nominee must have a minimum of 25 nominations

Requirements may change depending on the industry of the business or professional. In some instances, Top Choice Awards will appoint an undercover consumer to review the business in person.

NOTE: Nominating your business does not guarantee qualification. All nominees are reviewed by Top Choice Awards to ensure they qualify.

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