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How does Top Choice Awards conduct its studies?

Learn about the survey methodology.

Top Choice Awards surveys the general public and first hand customers by telephone, email, mail, in person at community events and online via its’ website and social media outlets to identify multiple nominees in the same category and city. Top Choice Awards does not employ any third-party companies to conduct a “secret” survey on our behalf.

Throughout the year we receive thousands of nominations for businesses in different categories across 27 North American cities, (*London, EN coming 2018!) which as you can imagine, takes us the whole year to process and qualify. The nominations undergo a qualification process. This way Top Choice Awards ensures that only the reputable businesses that have undergone our qualification process can be a Top Choice Award Nominee. 

Top Choice Awards takes in depth measures to ensure those customers have had a real experience with the services or products of the business they have nominated for a Top Choice Award.

For example, nominations received for an “Italian Restaurant in Vancouver” can come from first hand customers who have dined at that restaurant, or by a general person who has heard “top notch” things from family or friends that experienced the place. Survey results are solely the reflection of the customers’ experiences and in no way related to opinions or preferences of Top Choice Awards workers, owners or associates.

Top Choice Awards then exposes and promotes all qualified nominees on a public voting poll that will determine the Top Choice Award winners of that year.

Steps To The Top - In Detail

1. Nominate - Learn about how we receive nominations and what happens next.

2. Qualify - Learn how to qualify as an official nominee & why moving on to the Voting stage is highly coveted.

3. Vote - Learn how you can increase your chances of coming on Top as a winner in the voting stage. 

4. Results - Learn what winners are entitled to & the benefits of being a winner.

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