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How can I increase my chances of coming on Top? What Makes A Successful Voting Campaign?

Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning in your category! - You're welcome!

If you're an official nominee in the Top Choice Award Survey, congratulations! Be sure to search your name in the search bar once voting starts to find your voting page in which your clients, supporters, and friends can visit to vote for you as their Top Choice. Here are Tips to increase your chances of coming on Top as a winner!


  • Sharing your custom voting page and voting badge on all of your social media outlets will ensure great and free exposure to those who follow and love your business! (search your company name in the search bar to find your custom voting page)
  • You can post the link to your voting page and pin that post to the top of your Facebook page throughout the voting process so that it is the first post people see. If you don't pin it to the top of your page, be sure to post your nominee page every 2-3 days for maximum exposure. 
  • You can make a custom header picture for your social media outlets explaining that people can go to or to vote for you. *Note - any use of the trademarked Top Choice Award Logo is not permitted. 
  • Encourage your voters to vote through our new social voting app, The app allows voters to share their vote on Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button. A shared vote means free exposure and awareness for your business. What better online business review than that!

  • Use the Official Nominee Tent Cards provided by Top Choice Awards at your front desk, tables, offices, window displays, etc. 
  • You can have an ipad or computer set up with your voting page so that walk in clients can take 1 minute to vote for you!
  • You can print copies of vote form pages and have them fill them up and mail it to us at the end survey. 
  • Let your voters know that by voting in the Top Choice Awards Survey they are automatically entered in a draw to win a Grand Prize of $2000 and one of many Toppy T-shirts

  • Compile a list of all your email contacts and send them a mass email on why you would appreciate their vote, along with the link to your voting page or our websites ( and
  • Compile a list of all your phone contacts and send them a text with information on how to vote for you!

  • Top Choice Awards provides you with an official nominee badge that links directly to your voting page to make voting for you from anywhere on the web easier. Have your website developer (or yourself) embed the badge to your site to direct traffic to your custom voting page. 

  • Throughout the voting process we encourage you to add the fact that people can vote for you as their Top Choice to your voicemail. Any chance to communicate this to your clients is valuable, even if you missed their call.
  • If you have any running radio ads make sure to edit it to include the fact that people can vote for you until the survey is over.

  1. Communication with your staff about your nominee status makes all the difference. Everyone in your team from your secretary to your accounting department, marketing director, technician, sales representatives, etc, should know about your position in the Top Choice Award Survey. 
  2. Your staff will spread the word through "word of mouth" about your nominee status
  3. Your staff will be in the loop and properly make you aware of any communications Top Choice sends over to you

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