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Tips for using the Top Choice Award

How to use the Top Choice Award to improve your sales.

Social Media

Share the award recognition across your social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. If you are attending our award gala, include photos of the event and your team. If not, take photos at your office with the team holding the award. Make sure you include any relevant industry, award or the campaign hashtags and tag anybody involved so they can share the news as well.

Track your traditional, digital and social media mentions to see which outlets are publishing news about your award win. Make a list of all the stories and make sure to add them to the “in the news” (or equivalent) section of your website. Not only is this great for your website’s SEO, but it’s another level of visibility for your award win.


Put the Top Choice Award™ mark on all your vehicles. For large vehicle decals contact our art department

Doors & Windows

Especially for retail operations where customers visit your place of business, put the mark at the same place you would the credit card logos. However, we recommend using a much larger sticker for your Top Choice Award™ logo. After all, it reminds each of your employees, vendors and clients when they enter your store that you are tops in quality, value, and service.

Printed Materials

Add the TCA logo to your bills, invoices, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, checks and any other custom printed items where your name or logo might appear. These items are often overlooked as a marketing tool, but they go out to thousands of people. Putting the Top Choice Award™ logo on them reinforces your special position in your marketplace. This can be added when you reprint these items. But what if you already have materials in stock after you win the award? Simply use a Top Choice Award™ gold foil stickers that come with your initiation package. If you need more stickers, they are available at a very nominal fee.

Print Advertising

Get the most from your advertising by including the TCA logo prominently in all of your ads including newspaper, magazines, and billboards. When you show and/or mention that you have won this award, it automatically gives you an edge over your competition. Top Choice Award™ logos are available in both color and black & white in high quality print formats.

Radio & Television Advertising

Be sure to end your radio and television commercials with, “Winner of the (insert year) Top Choice Award™, the mark of excellence in (insert category).” This is even more effective if you can get the radio station to do this as a live announcer tag.

Whether you advertise on the major local stations or on cable TV, maximize the impact from your advertising budget by showing your Top Choice Award™  on the screen, while mentioning it in the audio portion. Your Top Choice Award™ can dramatically increase the impact of you television spots. Double the impact by adding a voice over that says, “Recipient of the (insert year) Top Choice Award.” If you use an advertising agency or production company to create your commercials, be sure to have them to work this into each of your commercials.

Point of Purchase Displays

A simple counter display, like the Top Choice Award tabletop pop-up display, is a great way to let your clients know you won the award. Place the pop-up display in any high traffic client area, such as the register, receptionist and waiting area.

Web Site

Immediately hit your clients with the Top Choice Award™ logo, when they log on to your web site. Make a link from your site to the Top Choice Awards web site where your clients can learn how you won this prestigious award.


Award Presentation

After all, it’s your employees that help you win the award so use your award presentation to motivate your staff and turn it into a special day at your company, call it a Top Choice Award™ appreciation party. Top Choice Awards principals will explain the significane of the award to your group. Our photographer will be there to capture the occasion and take photos for the magazine

Awards Gala

If you will be receiving your award at the Top Choice Award Gala, be sure to invite colleagues or associates whom you wish to impress. Prestigious events such as this will leave a lasting impression on these people and help them remember that you are tops in your field

Display Your Certificate

You have the tools, now all you have to do is use them. Display your certificate and trophy in a high traffic area of your establishment where customers and employees are sure to see it, combine your certificate and award with your photo from the event or presentation.

Other forms of using your award winning status include:

Answering Your Telephone

When a customer calls your business, have your receptionist answer the phone, “Thank you for calling (insert name of your company), recipient of the (insert year) Top Choice Award™. How may I direct your call?” Make sure you also add it to your voice mail message and the audio that your clients listen to when they are on hold.

Email Signature

Including the Top Choice Award logo in your email signature is a great way to take advantage of your win during every day communication.

Business Directory

This is one of the few advertising media where you and all of your competitors are listed together. This makes it really easy for your potential buyers to choose one of your competitors over you. You need to give them a reason to call you first! Put the Top Choice Award™ logo dominantly in your business directory ad(s)

Press release & newsletter

A press release is a great way to help get the word out. Keep it short and to the point. Send it to all the local press that may be interested in this news item. Also consider sending it to your industry trade journals as well. You can also hilight the achievement with an article in your internal and/or external newsletters.

Sales Presentations

When weighing the benefits of buying from you versus your competition, use the Top Choice Award™ as one of those benefits. It helps you reinforce that your company provides outstanding quality, service, and value. Not because you say so, but because the marketplace says so. You have the proof, so put it in the presentation

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