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Voting Rules and Questions

Having difficulty voting? Would you like more information on voting rules?

  • Are you not receiving a confirmation email?

Before contacting one of our agents be sure to check you spam and/or junk files in your email to see if your confirmation email is there. If you have a Gmail account, be sure to look into your Promotions tab.

Due to the large number of votes coming into our system, your confirmation email maybe delayed however, be delivered in a time spam of 24hrs from your vote submission.

  • How can you vote?

Top Choice Awards receives votes through our website, phone calling centre, social media outlets, email and in person at community events. 

  • When will your vote count?

When you have received your confirmation email and confirmed your vote as instructed, your vote will count. 

  • How many votes are allowed per person?

A voter is entitled to one vote per nominee.

  • Is there a required amount of votes to win?

No, there is no required amount of votes to win. The winner is determined by the nominee with the most votes compared to their competitors in their category.

  • How can I promote my Official Nominee Status and get clients to vote for me?

If you search your company name in our search bar, your voting page will appear. On the right hand side of the page you will notice your nominee badge. When you click the badge, there will be a set of instructions informing you or your website technician on how to post it to your website. 

You can also simply download the image onto your computer and use that for your social media posts, captioning it with your voting page link to direct your voters to your voting page.

You can use this Nominee Badge Image to promote your voting page on your mass emails, print materials, social media posts, website, and at your location by setting up an interactive voting station with a computer or iPad. Top Luck!

  • Can an Official Nominee offer their own prizes to voters?

A nominee is prohibited to grant prizes to incentivize their clients, friends, family or community to vote for them. Offering prizes will result in elimination from the contest as it is a matter of conflict of interest. A nominee can promote the prizes offered by Top Choice Awards available to any voter in the survey (Voters will be automatically entered when a vote is submitted by them). 2018 Prizes include a $2000 Cash Prize and one of many Toppy T-shirts.

  • I missed the nomination process deadline. How can I enter my company into next year's survey?

The nomination process ended November 20, 2015 for the 2016 Top Choice Awards survey. Be sure to nominate your business or your favourite businesses in next year's nomination process starting February 2nd for the 2017 Top Choice Awards Survey. 

Voting Tutorial:

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