Watch the 2018 Top Choice Awards Gala Live

The 13th Annual Top Choice Award Gala's Tickets Have Been Sent Out

We less than 2 months away from the 2018 Top Choice Awards Gala


The 13th Annual Top Choice Awards Gala will be hosted at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on September 8th, 2018. The Kings and Queens of business will travel from all over North America to Toronto for one night of celebration! Over a hundred businesses will be in attendance to celebrate their Top Choice Award achievement and network with some of the Top businesses owners across North America.

All businesses in attendance have just been sent their Tickets to the Gala, once received ensure to let us know by sharing your tickets on Social Media using the hashtag #TopChoice2018. For those of you who have not received their tickets yet, please wait a couple days as they will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

If you have not purchased tickets to the Gala, you still have an opportunity to watch the event as an audience member. Find out how you and a friend can win tickets to the 2018 Top Choice Awards Gala here

If you happen to not win the contest, you can still watch the entire event live on Facebook and Instagram, where it can be viewed publicly starting at 7pm on September 8th @topchoiceawards

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