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Experience The Maharaja - Canada's Boutique Style Luxury Indian Restaurant

Toppy visits The Maharaja & gets a taste of An Authentic Indian Cuisine and Experience!

The Maharaja, Toronto’s first boutique Indian restaurant located in the heart of Mississauga makes you feel like a Maharaja which for those of you who are not familiar with the term, translates to “great ruler or king”. Toppy visited the majestic restaurant today and had a blast!

From the moment you walk in you are treated as royalty. Friendly staff assists you with your coat, welcomes you in with a smile, and if you’re a first timer, gives you a tour of the 5-star restaurant. The Maharaja encompasses all regions of India (North, South, East and West) so that you can experience the flavours, traditions and cooking methods of each region.

At The Maharaja you indulge in a world of authentic Indian cuisine and extravagant flavours with every bite no matter which course you are in or which region of India you decided to choose from the menu. From the appetizers to the entrées, every dish exceeds your expectations. You can expect to know where each dish came from, the story behind it and what it means to the Indian culture as every employee is trained to give you the whole experience and you delight in each meal. Their overall attention to detail and service was impeccable.

Dining at The Maharaja is a unique experience to be treated as a moment in time, a retreat from your busy lifestyle. It is the executive's paradise for a calm, extravagant, luxurious 5-star experience in which one can experience culture, peace and a like-minded executive crowd. It is not your typical "butter chicken" everyday style Indian restaurant. It is a Taj Mahal, 5 course meal type of getaway in the city of Mississauga. The Maharaja is a one of a kind Indian experience that is highly recommended for those who enjoy exquisite food, top-notch service and a memorable dining experience!

Looking for an everlasting memory? Then be sure to stop by.

The Maharaja - Top Indian Restaurant of 2018 in Mississauga

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