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The Top Choice Award, the award that’s social is once again offering you the opportunity to publicly say thank you to your local businesses, professionals and media. TCA is inviting you to use its platform to nominate the individuals who made their passion, their life.

Your nomination is a useful tool that will lead us to discover the Top Choices in your city. Your voice will help place the eligible businesses under the social spotlight. This online buzz will help to motivate those business owners, professionals and media to keep doing what they love due to your nomination showcasing appreciation. Boost their confidence so you can keep benefiting from receiving their top services, products and entertainments.  

Nominations close November 20th but the real fun starts January 7th 2016 when those who qualify as official Top Choice Award nominees go live “head to head” on the run to becoming Canada’s next Top Choice Award winner in their city. The voting ends March 7th and shortly after, the winners list will be out and available so you can again in 2016 make educated choices that will save you time and money.

Click here and contribute to the building of a successful city; to the building of the success in your city. Nominate for the categories you feel deserve your “Thank-You" 

Written By : David Silvestre, CEO of Top Choice Awards Inc.

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