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All New Qualification Process App: Innovation Is Inevitable If You Want To Be on Top

It is a company's duty to improve its methods to generate better results for their customers and the business itself.

Top Choice Awards Introduces An All New Qualification Process App
Consistency brings results. Constant improvement is today's most effective way to remain on Top in the business game!  

Due to the fact that for the past 12 years we have been dealing with both sides of the coin - the entrepreneurs and consumers of the cities we survey- we became very sensitive and receptive to the frequencies that indicate what's trending or what will no longer serve us in 3 months! With this announcement of our own example and case study of innovation and improvement in our "in person business review surveying system" for the second half of 2017, we hope you can take away some knowledge and innovate your business in an effective way!

Normally, our qualification team business review specialists would visit local businesses nominated by their city, to have an organic and in person feel of why there were so many public nominations for that business. Our survey specialists would fill up a survey form for each business they visited and every week hundreds of survey qualification form papers were submitted to and reviewed by our qualification process team and our operations managers at our head office in Ontario. 

We knew it was time for some innovation. After 12 years of collecting people's reviews on their experiences with local businesses of their city, we have finally implemented a phone app that has made our in-person surveying process a lot easier. The app has already saved paper (talk about eco-friendly!), ink, time, money and will bring us more efficient survey results than ever before with features that allow our qualification process team in our offices to have the same feel as the review specialists themselves.

The message is simple and clear; for the best results in business, make sure you take the time to STOP, and actually sit down to identify the possible areas of improvement in your business. You can then research what possible apps or new methodologies are available in today's era of technology that can possibly help you take one less step to reach even better results. That " less step" is your first step to room for businesses improvement. Allowing for improvement every 3 months means you're open to the constant improvement and innovation that is so needed to keep up with what's constantly changing around us; society itself! 

Enjoy your day, and happy researching! 

Traditional Process
Eco - Friendly, New & Improved Version

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