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NewDermaMed - A Modern Wonderland of Beauty

Top Cosmetic Clinic of 2018 in Toronto receives their Top Choice Award at their state of the art facility.

NewDermaMed, voted the Top Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto of 2018, received their award Monday, April 30 at their state of the art facility in Uptown Toronto. Red carpets and photographers welcomed Toppy who came by to cheer on the excellence in the air! 

Stepping inside NewDermaMed, you're entered into a glamorous adventure of white granite and glass, a modern wonderland for men and women alike who are looking for a dedicated staff to enhance their natural beauty. Every room was clean and designed to perfection, there were products available for any beauty need from A-Z and an exceptional team to bring it all together. 

 The staff of beautiful and elegant administrative staff, cosmetic nurses, surgeons and doctors were celebrating their shared victory of winning the 2018 Top Choice Award. The acceptance speech by the lovely Dr. Muriel Roach, was a success as she thanked the people of Toronto who voted them their Top Choice, and the whole staff rejoiced with gratitude as they clapped for each other's efforts. 

Moet Champagne was an element in the extravagant award presentation, allowing everyone to celebrate comfortably and have fun doing so! With glasses clinking and lovely desserts to pick from, it truly was an enjoyable evening. Photographers and videographers captured every moment. The professional photos will be used for the upcoming Top Choice Magazine Cover Feature that NewDermaMed will be strutting for the Fall 2018 Issue. 

Top Choice Awards would once again like to congratulate everyone at NewDermaMed for their consistent excellence in the pursuit of total customer satisfaction. 

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