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So you are an official 2018 Top Choice Award nominee; now what?

Find out the next steps until November 1st for official nominees

So you are an official 2018 Top Choice Award nominee; now what? 

Over three thousand different businesses across North America made it and qualified as an official 2018 Top Choice nominee; if you already received mail from Top Choice Awards with a nominee starter kit inside, please go through it and use the free marketing tools provided to promote your official nominee status!

If you have yet to receive your nominee starter kit, not to worry. All Official Nominees will be contacted via email and mail sometime before November 1st. 

During November and December you are encouraged to use our "Spot Light" and invite your clients, family and friends to voice their opinion about their experience with your customer service and products by participating in this year's Top Choice survey! 

You can incentivize them to vote for you by advising them about the contest they automatically enter when voting for any nominee in their city; Over 500 "Toppy" T-Shirts to win aand a grand prize of $2000 cash prize that will be announced at the end of the contest. However, if for any reason you would like to withdraw from running for the 2018 Top Choice Award, click here and let us know the name of your business and we will remove you within 24 hours from your notice; otherwise congratulations and let's raise the bar of excellence in customer service in your city!  

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