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Toppy Visits Wellness Martial Arts as they Accept their 5th Top Choice Award

Toppy visits the Top Martial Arts School in Brampton of 2018.

Wellness Martial Arts, 5 time winner of the Top Choice Award, had a tournatment this weekend. They were presented their 5th Top Choice Award and all the students and viewers applauded the achievement with joy and excitement. Toppy paid them a visit to inspire the students and show support for the #1 Martial Arts School in Brampton. 

You could feel the energy of community in the dojo, the kindness and mutual respect that the contestants had for each other and the senseis alike. It was beautiful to see the original values being taught that Martial Arts was made to bring out in oneself; self-awareness, respect, humility, Inner spirit. 

Toppy enjoyed his time at Wellness Martial Arts and wishes all the contestants a bright future ahead! 

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