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Who Will Survive The Next Recession?

Re-adjust your tools, sharpen your swords and remain in the business battlefield!

Economists are spotting the recession in the horizon, and although most small businesses have not yet felt the changes, chances seem to be increasingly daily...


Economists are spotting the recession in the horizon, and although most small businesses have not yet felt the changes, chances seem to be increasingly daily. We all know nothing is certain, however, even if the economists are incorrect we can easily change the title of this article to “Who Will Survive the Constant Change?”

According to many Canadian economists, the time has come again for those who depend on the success of their business to re-adjust their tools and sharpen their ‘swords’, as only those who learn how to adapt will be able to avoid the damage a recession brings. Preparing will also help many maintain their business as the people’s Top Choice which, essentially, equates to where the customers/clients will spend their time and their money.

But I’m no economist. Who am I to be writing about this?

From 1996 to 2005, I opened and closed a landscaping company, 3 Martial Arts Studios and 2 cleaning companies. During those 9 years, I learned that no matter how educated, talented, rich or well off you think you may be, how you treat people truly says it all. Integrity is everything. The reason why I feel so confident to reach out publicly comes from all those organic business failures I persevered through. They each taught me lessons - lessons which I believe are now my responsibility to share with you all!

I must thank those who were tough on me and especially those who betrayed me or abandoned me, as they offered me the most priceless and valuable tool of all: the ability to adapt with persistence! Those failures and those people are part of why I’m able to successfully assist other businesses regardless of the services they provide and products they sell. After all, every business has one thing in common: driving sales!

Since 2005, I have been learning “tips for success” from successful individuals that operate award winning companies. These are business owners and professionals who once struggled to be the best in their field of work. Today, they are the ones who employ the people who failed to believe in them - the ones who once said, “Come on, are you crazy?” or “Just be realistic and get a real job”.

After 19 years in the business industry, it’s become clear to me that the reason why certain individuals are more successful than others is because they allow themselves to learn how to adapt with persistence while encouraging and maintaining sales that keep their businesses thriving.

Here is my present to you, as I gather all my experiences to share with you and, hopefully, help you get through the next recession!

The Only 3 Steps You Will Need for Success in Business/Personal Areas:

1. Read About Your Ego

Educate yourself about it and you will find that either you are your ego’s tool, or your ego is yours. In order for you to drink more water from a glass, you first need to drain it. The first step is to learn how to let go and allow yourself to grow into something great. Just ask yourself, do you prefer peace or being right? Successful people love peace, because, after all, peace is the ultimate success.

2.  Learn Something New

Be able to admit to yourself that businesses evolve - what you know about your businesses has changed within the last month/3 months/year. There is always room to learn. This adaptive attitude along will keep you in the game because now more than ever, change comes fast. Everything is constantly changing. The only thing that remains the same is change itself!

3. Make A Sale Today!

Sales are what a business needs to thrive. It’s been proven time and time again. A quick search on your favourite search engine will tell you that although T.V., radio and print ads still influence buyer behaviour, what truly makes over 65% of people act on a purchase are online business reviews! Thousands share their experiences with products and services daily. Social media is there to help these experiences - positive or negative - spread like wildfire!

If you follow these 3 steps, you will be able to turn them into tools to increase happiness both in your business life and your personal life. Have you ever seen a person crying while riding a Seadoo? Choose peace, learn something new, and focus on thriving!

written by: David Silvestre
CEO- Top Choice Awards

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