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MathPro Learning Centre

Top Tutoring Service of 2017 in Calgary

Rated 91 Overall Rating Details

23-41 Chelsea St NW, Calgary, Alberta T2K 1P1

With 194 genuine, verifiable testimonials, MathPro is the Most Recommended tutor on Social Media in Calgary.

In the 2014-15 school year, 93% of our students exceeded goals established in the free initial consultation. Since 2004, MathPro helped over 1500 students realized their full potentials.

We specialize in Customized, Individually Designed tutoring programs that go beyond basic homework assistance.

Our Approach:

  1. Goals driven proprietary Program
  2. Customized dedicated 1-on-1 (with true 1-to-1 ratio)
  3. Same tutor every time
  4. No long-term obligations, No long-term contract (4-week payment cycle)
  5. Best matching tutor not based on luck but studying, teaching styles and personalities
  6. Progress Tracking – Proprietary digital progress reports with learning metrics delivering to parents and students
  7. Result – Boosting average of 20% in 6 to 8 weeks
  8. All staff are employees, not contractors

We have 42 in-house tutors from diverse backgrounds.

Our free initial consultation consists of:

  1. Weaknesses identification
  2. Goals Setting (Clear and measurable)
  3. Roadmap Planning (Identify timeline and the finish line)
  4. Best Tutor Matching
  5. Progress Tracking with measurable metrics

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Send us an inquiry for a free consultation. You will be impressed.

Additional Locations

MathPro Learning Centre North (Chelsea)
23-41 Chelsea St NW
Calgary, Alberta T2K 1P1
P: (403) 284-3111
West (17th Ave)
102-3515 17 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta T3E 0B7
P: 403.284.3110
South (Horton)
100L-9705C Horton Rd SW
Calgary, Alberta T2V 2X5
P: 587.352.3112
41 Chelsea St NW #23
Calgary, Alberta T2K 1P1
P: (403) 284-3111

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