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Arcadia Academy of Music

Top Music School of 2017 in Greater Toronto Area

Rated 92 Overall

205 Marycroft, Avenue Unit 6, Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 5X8

Arcadia Academy of Music, now the leading music school in the Greater Toronto Area, was founded 32 years ago by Carmine Di Rauso. Carmine, a prominent business man, brought his family to Canada and settled in Toronto in the early 1970’s. Motivated by his love and appreciation for music he got involved with numerous music schools in the GTA and surrounded himself with many influential musicians and educators.

At the time, most music schools were operating under the wings of a music store, and the focus of the business was very much sales oriented. Working as a music consultant for over 10 years and talking to thousands of families and students he realized the need for a more personalized, welcoming approach to music education.

"Over the years I felt that the quality of music education that students were receiving needs to be improved. I envisioned a school that was focused on giving every child the opportunity to be exposed to music, a school that will enrich the life of students and deliver music programs that would revolutionize the way music was taught."

In 1984 Carmine opened the first Arcadia Academy of Music school in Woodbridge, with a population of only 15,000. A couple of years later Arcadia Music Store was added to the school with brand name instruments like Kawai pianos, Yamaha, Kurtzweiler, Fender guitars and many other brands. Over the next 16 years Arcadia grew and expanded alongside with the neighbouring communities. Carmine has opened 3 more schools with over 2500 students

Retiring in 1998 Carmine Di Rauso passed on his legacy to his son Pat to continue building his vision. Over the years, as more and more extra-curricular activities have become available to children like sports, arts and computers, the focus on music education has changed. Pat took on the challenge to keep music instruction alive and at the forefront of children’s development. He took Arcadia Academy of Music to new heights by supporting and providing music programs in elementary schools, working closely with communities through concerts, working with local churches, exposing students to prominent artists in the music industry, and supporting charities. Not only they build one of Canada’s finest Music School but also became an icon within the music community.

Expanding across Canada with over 10 locations and rapidly growing, Arcadia prides itself in becoming Canada’s largest franchise music school and one of the fastest growing academies.

"We believe that every child should have the opportunity to be exposed to and discover the enjoyment of music."

Why choose Arcadia?

-- We are a centre of Excellence for Music through education and performance.
-- All of our teachers are qualified in music from some of the world’s leading colleges and universities.
-- All teachers have completed a "Vulnerable Sector Screening" police check.
-- Our teachers are friendly, fun, positive and full of energy. They have a real passion for what they do.
-- We teach all ages. Our teaching method is modern, fresh and appealing to all.

-- Performance opportunities available through monthly concerts.

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