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The First Glance

Top Cosmetic Clinic of 2017 in Winnipeg

Rated 92 Overall

1851 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 1Z2

Everyone wants to look their best, be it to improve self-esteem, get ahead in the business world or just to feel younger. Now, thanks to modern technology and new treatment techniques, looking your best is easier and quicker than ever before. All treatments are provided by a highly trained and qualified staff led by Dr. Anthony P. Lockwood, MD, FRCSC, a Plastic Surgeon since 1988 and welcoming Dr. Avi Islur, MD FRCSC to The FIrst Glance family. We also offer vein treatments with Dana de Boer, Np who runs the Vein Clinic. Services are performed in modern facilities using the latest equipment. We are located at 1851 Grant Avenue, the Clinic also houses a fully-accredited operating room. Whether you have minor skin problems or major cosmetic concerns, the knowledge and corrective techniques to improve your situation are more readily available than ever before. Call today and learn how the experts at First Glance Aesthetic Clinic can help you look and feel your best!

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